Help! First tanning!

Submitted by Isabelle on 4/9/02. ( )

Hi everyone!
I need your help! I will be given 6 rabbit skins tomorrow, and still awaiting for my books on tanning... I know I will probably ruin them, so there is no pressure! Although, I am told I need to dry the skins with salt. Can I use any type of salt? Do I need to clean the skin if there is any blood? Do I need to do anything before salting? In what position should it be?

I know it is a lot of question, and any suggestions will be welcomed!


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salt away

This response submitted by Mick on 4/9/02. ( )

Just pull off all pieces of red meat that cling to the flesh side of the skin. Dump a small pile of salt out on the center of the skin, and spread it out with your hands to cover all of the skin. Continue, until you've done all of your bunnies. The next day, shake off the wet grimy salt, and hang your skins over something that will allow air circulation, with the flesh to the outside. Allow your rabbits to dry, while you await your tanning books. Then proceed with wahtever system you decide on. You can use any fine grain white salt, in a grocers, look for canning salt or similar. When you begin to use more salt, check a local feed supply store like Agway, and ask for their "white evaporated" salt. You'll save a little buying in quantity. Good luck.

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