commerial tanneries

Submitted by chan on 4/10/02. ( )

I'm a resident of north east ga. and have decided to use commerially tanned capes for my mounts(whitetail). Can anyone suggest a couple of goods one's for my area. Thanks

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A Quality Product!

This response submitted by Qaulity Fur Dressing LLC on 4/10/02. ( )

We are located just outside Houston, in Spring, TX. We offer both a wet & a dry tan. We have a 60 -> 90 day return from date of check in. For first time customers, we get it back to you in 30 days (on most skins). We now accept credit cards. There are many good names to back us up. Call for references & a new customer pkg @ 281-292-2206 or email us!

Midwest Tannery

This response submitted by toonster on 4/10/02. ( )

We are along way from you but we offer competitive prices and our work is excellent quality. Usually a 90 day turn around and no extra
charge for wet tans. If interested e-mail or call (402)727-7366
Midwest Tannery
1050 E. 8th
Fremont,Nebr. 68025

Quality Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Dan on 4/10/02. ( )

I decided to try these guys and just got my first order in last
night from Quality Fur Dressing. They will without a doubt get
all of my tanning work. I was very happy with the
tanning they provided.


A Very Good Tanner

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 4/11/02. ( )

Chan, I would suggest you contact Ron at Tanning for Taxidermy--1-888-463-3794 , , 26E Kearney St , Unit C, Bridgewater NJ 08807. I use this tanner for all of my work and am very pleased. Ron constantly strives to improve the product and he is reachable in person by phone. Deer capes are soft and shiney and furs like bobcat and bears are done beautifully. Best tan on beavers I've ever seen anywhere. Prices are reasonable and turnaround time will surprise you. I've never met Ron in person but proffesionally I have been impressed.--Aaron Honeycutt

commerial tanneries

This response submitted by chan on 4/11/02. ( )

Thanks so much for the information!

A Quality Reference

This response submitted by Quality Fur Dressing LLC on 4/11/02. ( )

If you need a reference, check out Wildlife Artistry in Alpharetta, GA (678-393-8373). He has been a customer since last year. Give him a call & see how our work is doing.

Interstate Tannery

This response submitted by Craig on 4/11/02. ( )

I've had great results with these guys. They are
located in Plattsburgh, NY. Wayne is a former Taxidermist. I tried a couple others recently, but I'm going back to Interstate. They are very clean, and do not damage capes or hides.

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