tanning question!

Submitted by joe on 4/12/02. ( powermosquito@hotmail.com )

i am going to shoulder mount up a steer and am wondering if i shave the skin thin enough can i wet tan it . i use the citric acid pickle on deer and shaved thin bears and have no problems at all!i use reinhardts tanning cream withgreat results <is there any thing out there that is a little more powerful for those thicker hides?or will that do! maybe oxalic acid . thanks for you time sincerely joe

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Oxalic acid or formic.

This response submitted by John C on 4/12/02. ( )

Bison and cattle are the hardest to shave, but it can be done. I would get a very big vat and use Oxalic because of the gentler fumes.

I would not look at some of Bruce Rittels products for tanning.

You may want to do a sammler piece of hide just to see if you want to do this yourself. I spent 12 hours shaving a lifesize Bison once, and almost 20 hours shaving NFR Bull "Oscar" for a shoulder mount, the bull was very tough for me to handle. So think about the wieght of the wet hide.

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