Which tan should I use? EZ or liqua-tan

Submitted by Brian on 4/16/02. ( hudson_first@yahoo.com )

Which tan should I use? EZ or liqua-tan?
First, I've used both of these products before with fairly good results so I know the process of each. I've got an air-dried wolf skin I need to tan (I don't have the time to send it off to a tanner). I've never tanned an air-dried skin before - the only difference I know of is in the rehydration of the skin (I've got a relaxing agent for air-dried skins). My main question is if anyone feels it would be better to tan the wolf with EZ-100 tan or use Liqua-tan? I personally feel I should use the EZ tan but wanted to see if anyone felt either method would work better on an air-dried skin. If EZ tan is used does anyone think the cased skin should be turned inside-out for a better tan. Any suggestions or experiences in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Tanning wolf

This response submitted by Mark on 4/16/02. ( Mn.Taxidermist@centurytel.net )

Brian, Like you said the only difference in the tanning of air dried skins is in the relaxation. Other than that there is no difference. As far as the actual tan do what you feel comfortable. Personally I would go with the immersible tan (EZ-100) but this is only my opinion. I would turn a cased skin inside out while tannig for maximum penetration especially if your going to go with the EZ-100. Good luck, Mark

EZ Tan

This response submitted by George on 4/17/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

Mark gave you some excellent advice. EZ tan is an easy submersible tan while Liqua-Tan tends to be a topical tan intended for fresh hides salted but not dried.

Thanks for the response

This response submitted by Brian on 4/17/02. ( )

Thank you for your insights and suggestions. It was more of a reassurance that I should use the EZ-100 tan on the air-dried skins. I wanted to see whom else thought it was a good idea. I'll proceed and hope for the best. Thanks, Brian

where can I send skins to be tanned?

This response submitted by Brad on 4/20/02. ( duckhead204@hotmail.com )

I love to do taxidermy as a hobbie. I just have one problem. where can I send my skins to be tanned? Does anyone know where I can send skins to be tanned? If so please email me at Duckhead204@hotmail.com

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