Shaving after tanning?

Submitted by Dave on 4/18/02. ( )

Just wondering if a cape can be shaved after it is tanned? I just bought a fleshing machine for the first time. I have a cape that I tanned using liqua tan but I'd like to get it thinner before mounting. Can I use the fleshing machine to thin it and if so do I need to add more liqua tan ( or do anything else ) to the cape after it has been shaved. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you

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This response submitted by George on 4/18/02. ( )

If it's tanned, you don't need to do anything but shave it to the thickness you want. I usually shave mine twice anyway.

depends on your machine and your ability.

This response submitted by Gerry on 4/18/02. ( )

Hi Dave,

I made the miske a long time ago to over doo the thining on a moose cape and had to remount a new skin.

A tanned skin is mutch easier to cut through, your machine must be able to ajust to paper thin fleshing. Not all of the mechines on the market are capable.

Practice on the ends of the neck, decide for yourself.


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