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I just bought an Armadillo, and i was wondering if there is any special way to skin or tan one.

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buck parrish

This response submitted by same on 4/20/02. ( buckparrish@ncrr )

armor skinner it is a grooling task basically you do it like you get the stuff out of afish head than borax it than mix ureathane foam and pour it in {after you have sewn it up} oh be sure to wear gloves because they are known to be carriers of leaprosy good luck dude buck


This response submitted by cur on 4/21/02. ( )

No wonder so many armadillo mounts look like the Goodyear Blimp. That is nowhere near the procedure used to produce an accurate and acceptable armadillo mount. An armadillo is not a turtle and does not have a chelatinous "shell". They should be prepared as are most mammals, with exception being the "armor" - the nine bands of leathery skin that surround the thorax and the scapular and caudal plates, and the ^$^&%$^%$#%$^#$ tail.

There are several good body forms available for the armadillo. There are two basic methods of preparation. One is a process by which the leathery armor is removed and treated separately and the other is by skinning in a single endeavor and working from the inside to remove fatty tissue and fascia. Either method will work. The tail is one piece of machinery. It is armored and segmented. No matter the method used, splitting and digging or segmenting and regluing, it is perhaps the toughest part of the job.

An armadillo is a mammal - a bit unique, albeit, but the process described above will result in one stinkin mess and the total waste of ont of life's creatures. Check the archives, I recall a number of posts regarding armadillos and the mounting processes.......foam? Sheesh!

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