stockade salt for saftee acid or not

Submitted by mike on 4/23/02. ( )

just started to tan two deer capes i put them in a salt brine 1st used 35lbs of fine stockade salt from feed store t0 32 gallons of warm water just bought a salimator and it reads 50 never used one before is there something i should know to use this ?
useing saftee acid can i still use the same salt water ?
what should this meter read with the acid in it?
how will iknow if its been in acid enough ?

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check ph

This response submitted by Derek on 4/23/02. ( )

Mike, get yourself some ph strips or a ph meter,then go to the first page and type in tanning theres about a thousand answers in there,if you can't find what you need then email me and if its something I'm familiar with I'll do my best to help, but I'm new to this too but I've got a few hides under my belt,remembermost anything this basic can be found in the archives, good luck and I hope you have as much fun as I am,Derek [croc]

a bit to much

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 4/23/02. ( )

Salt in the brine. Your meter should read 40-42 percent. What the meter tell you how much salt is in your water. 50 means it has have the salt the water will hold. Not really much on how to use it. Just float it and read the salt amount in the water. You should add more water to it and get a reading of 42% and then you can add the saftee-acid to the water.
To get a reading on the acid in the water you will need PH strips that go down to 1. You can get them from any supply company.

And never use a salt brine for a pickle. Water and salt are not expensive and there's no need to contaminate your hides. What I'm saying is that you can have a real bloody mess in your rehydration bath and you should never use this for any other purpose. Dump it and start new. Also I don't reuse my rehydration bath either.

lots of water

This response submitted by Jim Grill on 4/23/02. ( )

Seems like a lot of water for 2 capes. 10 gallons and 10 lbs of salt should be plenty to pickle 2 deer capes. I use those rubbermaid containers to pickle in. They work fine.

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