New Fur Dresser

Submitted by Jack Chronister on 5/10/02. ( )

Just wanted to let any and all know about our tannery. We are new to the business, but our owner and production manager have over forty years experience in the taxidermy business. We are taxidermists working to satisfy taxidermists.

We are located in south central Pennsylvania, ten miles north of Gettysburg, PA.

We are in full production and the local response has been very receptive. Any interest from taxidermists will be greatly appreciated.


Jack Chronister
General Manager
Keystone Fur Dressing

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Give Keystone a call!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/10/02. ( )

They're operational and already turning out a high quality product! I recently had an opportunity to work with these guys for 10 days - and we turned out some exceptionally nice work! If you've worked with EZ-100 tanned skins or capes - this is the place to send them!

EZ-100 tanned skins hold tight stitching extremely well - they have a nice, white, full, soft leather - they do not weaken with age - they tan true to size with no shrinkage - and they are washable in lukewarm Water and a mild detergent!

You'll enjoy working with the staff at Keystone. Nice people with a professional Taxidermy background - they know what you want! Don't miss an opportunity to try them!

Bruce Rittel

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