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Submitted by casey on 5/18/02. ( Patti@syclone.net )

ive checked the archives and asked my dad but heres the question....does a tumbler do more than just assist in drying hides, birds etc or can it be used to help break hides when tanning....my dad has never used one (he's set in his ways) he just uses compressed air on furred animals and a 5 gal pail with corn grit and shakes by hand for birds (all the critters he tans are mounts , he doest tan just to tan a hide,he ships those out)....i guess what im trying to do is justify owning a tumbler please help me out with pro's and cons as im a young beginner (with my dad as a great tutor) but would like to get more than one point of view on this subject

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HEY POP, Time to get on the train

This response submitted by George on 5/18/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

Tumblers are an indespensable item in a shop. They CAN be used to break hides during tanning, but for the most part, they're used with corn cob grit to dry and fluff birds and small game. THEN you take the shop air to blow out excess grit. Brighteners can be added to the grit for furry animals, but for taxidermy purposes, it's seldom necessary. Casey, when I think of tumblers for breaking hides, I think of the 10 to 12 foot wire caged ones that large tanneries use, versus the shop barrels most of us have. If you dad ever uses one, he'll wonder why he ever wasted so much time before.

BTW, and this is unsolicited advise for a lot of people. I'm 57 and I see a lot of people who've "always done it that way". Nothing's wrong with that if it's the BEST way, but too many people lock themselves in a mindset. Go to every show you can and talk to the guys who win the ribbons. LEARN the newer and better concepts. Taxidermy has probably changed more in the last 25 to 30 years than it has in the past million simply because people were willing to try to do it differently. Product lines improve only because of demand and unless you try to push that envelope, you're looking to stagnate. Being old is no excuse for being stuck in the past.

thanks george

This response submitted by casey on 5/19/02. ( Patti@syclone.net )

im going to give it a try....

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