wire wheel

Submitted by Chase on 5/19/02. ( farmercdb@hotmail.com )

For thinning a deer hide how coarse should my wire wheel be.I have really coarse ones and some that are almost soft.Thanks CHase

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Not for me

This response submitted by George on 5/19/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

I guess a silk purse COULD be made of a sows ear and some people DO use a wire brush to flesh hides, but THINNING a hide takes a round knife or an inordinate amount of time and trouble with a scalpel. If you don't own one, I'd suggest you send them out and have them professionally done or don't thin them at all. Wire wheels generate heat and that's a byproduct you should avoid at all costs.

I does work...

This response submitted by Duckdog on 5/21/02. ( )

I use a wire wheel and it does work. Play with the different wheels and see what works the best for you. I can't say it is the perfect method, but it does a good job when done correctly. You will still need a skife knife or the likes for the facial areas that are more fragile.

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