bobcat hair slip + greasy

Submitted by ABW on 5/25/02. ( )

I have a bobcat with hair slip even 3 weeks after mounting it. Have you guys ever had a hair slip problem persist after the mount was completely dry? Will this continue to all hair is gone? Also hair has turned out VERY greasy. Even touching it makes your hand feel greasy. Any way to degrease after mounting?

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How did you treat the skin?

This response submitted by BigSwede on 5/25/02. ( )

This sounds like big trouble to me. 3 weeks should be enough to make the skin dry completley. Did you tan the skin properly? Did you degrease it after pickling? Was the fur fluffy & nice before mounting & after tanning? In Sweden we do not have bobcats but I have done several (I think you call them so) lynx, they are about the same and I myself would never dream of DP:ing such an animal - did you do this without degreasing the skin than it explains your problem. Tell us a little more of wich method you used. Excuse my english spelling!

Need more info...

This response submitted by Paul on 5/25/02. ( )

Not knowing how you handled and what process you used to tan or treat the hide makes it hard to answer you. Bobcats are not greasy mammals, I don't even use a degreaser on them. Sounds like bacteria ate up your hide down to the epiderms, resoaking it to clean it will totally ruin it. Let us know what process you used then maybe we can help you...Paul

more info...

This response submitted by ABW on 5/25/02. ( )

The animal was given to me after the owner basically let it sit for 4 days. I told him that there was a 99% chance that it was ruined but I would see what I could do. Some signs of slippage was apparent already. I skinned and salted, and resalted 24 hours later. The hide took about 6 days to completely harden up. I then rehydrated in a solution of slightly salted water, and kemol 4. I then shaved the hide and applied liquatan and let this soak for 24 hours and mounted. By the way I think that the liquatan got on the cape which would explain the grease. I guess I am really not asking for future ways to prevent the greasy skin and slippage, because the skin had a little to no chance of being good and I was hurrying the process as much as possible and the owner was aware of the risk. My question really is do you guys think the hair will continue to fall out and is there anything I can do now for the greasy. I can see why the hair is still falling out if there is no way for the bacteria to live.

A quick wash...

This response submitted by Paul on 5/26/02. ( )

with a squirt of dawn detergent in water. Wipe with a wet washcloth , do not soak, just clean the fur,than blow dry hair. Liquid tan is water soluble so a fast washing of the fur will clean it. I tumble all capes in sawdust with mineral spirts to clean fur before freezing or mounting. After three weeks it should be totally dry and the hair set my now. If it still falling out theres not much you can do. The damage to the hide was apparently done before you started, 4 days left out in the elements is magget food, sorry.

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