Question for Bruce Rittel

Submitted by Tom on 5/3/02. ( )

I recently purchased your EZ100 tanning kit and I have had great results with it. I now am going to use it to tan a porcupine. I have wire wheeled him and he is now drying in salt. I know that he needs to be degreased so I bought your super safety solvent. My question is should I add 2 OZ of the degreaser per gallon of water to the Salt Brine solution when i rehydrate him prior tho the pickle? Or should I degrease him after the 3rd day in the pickle then return him to pickle for 1 more day? Or should I add the degreaser to the Neutralizing Bath? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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After pickle

This response submitted by Paul on 5/3/02. ( )

After 3 days of pickleing, flesh or thin hide than degrease, then return to pickle. Thats the way I do all skins as per Bruce...Paul

Ok one more question then

This response submitted by Tom on 5/3/02. ( )

Do you rinse first and then add 2 ounces to plain water if you do it after the pickle, or do you need to add salt in the dgreasing bath as well? Thanks

After 3 days........

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/3/02. ( )

After 3 days in the pickle - remove the skin, let it drain for 30 minutes, then place it in the Super Solvent bath and stir it a few times for another 30 minutes, then rinse, and place it back into the pickle for overnight, or until you are ready to neutralize and tan it.

To mix the Super Solvent degreasing solution - add 2 fl. ozs. to each 1 gallon of water used. Do not add any salt or bacteriacide - its not needed!

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