How to cure and tan a rabbits fot?

Submitted by Anthony on 5/26/02. ( )

I live in area where a ton of rabbits are hit by autos. I'd like to cure and tan the skins and feet. How do I go about it? What's the process?


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The old Commercial way!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/26/02. ( )

The old commercial way to tan rabbit's feet for key rings was to prick them with needles, then soak them in a Formaldehyde solution for 7-10 days - remove them and hang to dry. You can still do that but to be safe - I'd use a non-carcinogenic solution like our Rittels Preservz-It product. Same formula - same results - only no cancer! After they are dry - a good tumble in sawdust helps fluff out the fur!

As for tanning the skins - Try our Rittel's EZ-2000 Kit! One Kit would tan about 18 Rabbit skins easily! It will give you a nice white, stretchy, soft, and washable leather! Go to our website and check out our on-line Pricelist at:

Coyote skin

This response submitted by Joan on 12/07/2002. ( )

I have a coyote skin that I have already salted and has been rolled for about a week. Can you give me the next steps that I need to do using products that I would have at home. Thank you!

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