do you like your auto tanner

Submitted by skinner on 5/26/02. ( )

I am thinking of buying the auto tanner but I do not know anyone personaly that owns one so I would like to here from anybody that has one. Is it a good investment or not? How long do you spend on a standerd cape? Any information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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I'd be lost with out mine

This response submitted by Kristoph on 5/26/02. ( )

In Machine with tanning crystals and water only for approximately
1 hour on pretan/pickle to plump up for shaver/fleshing machine 1/2 hour to flesh and shave to desired thickness on round knife [fleshing machine of preference]2 hours to final tan with introduction of oil into machine. 1/2 hour to hang and drip dry. 20 minutes to tumble in tumbler with cob grit, mineral spirits to shine hair and *Pro-Tex, *Mount brite or what ever for moth proofing purposes. This is for a typical white tail cape. The only variable that is subject to change is time spent on fleshing machine, ie: longer for a boar/bear, less for a goat etc. Hope I've helped some. If you think buying an auto tanner will make your life easier and less labor intensive you're mis informed. If you used to send your stuff out, you split everything, salted it and waited for it to dry before you shipped. With an auto tanner, it's all in your hands, fleshing, trimming, etc. But to me it's invaluable to always have the hide/cape under my control, no more griping about someone putting baseball size holes in it. If it gets screwed up it's because you screwed it up. I just didn't rest easy sending all my customers skins across the country and relying on someone else to do a good job.And I love the tan it produces. Any problems, a phone call to Steve Rotramel has always taken care ofit for me!

I hear the same thing!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/26/02. ( )

I hear the same thing from my own customers! We carry the Auto Tanner also - and many of our customers love using it! It's the same price - whether you buy it from Steve or Rittels.

One thing I should mention is that lately a lot of our Auto Tanner customers have told us that they really like to use a combination of Steve's tanning crystals and our KWIK-N-EZE paint-on tan! Simply add it to your skins for the final 2 hour tanning period. It creates a very durable and less apt to shrink upon drying cape or l/s! Less pinning! If you need info on how to use it like this - e-mail me at

PS - Our KWIK-N-EZE is a EZ-100 based tan!

This is my method and it works great for me

This response submitted by FREHSE TAXIDERMY STUDIO ( GARY ) on 5/26/02. ( )

I bought the 16 gal. tanner about 4 years ago, have since retired it and bought the large one. This is my method I rehydrate,remove ear cartlidge on W.T. Capes. Mix up Steves alum tan Per directions, run it while I am home in bed, Pull in the morning and shave and totaly clean up. Mix up Steves Arrow head tan, for finish tan,run about 2 hrs. Pull rinse and drain for about 20 min. and brush on Rittels pro plus oil let sweat in over night tumble and freeze till ready to mount. Have great stretch, and nice to work with. I do from 4 to 6 capes a day with the 32 Gal. machine. This is just the way I like to use it after 5+ years of playing with it. It is a good tan and I feel very confident in it. If you have specific questions email me. If you are a full time taxidermist it is a machine you should not be without. I also have the 16 gal. unit for sale since I bought the 32 Gal. one. Hope this helps with your decision.


This response submitted by MarkV. on 5/26/02. ( )

I have had the magnum autotanner for about 3 years now and like others said I would be lost without it. I use EZ-100 in mine and have no shrinkage problems. The stretch is excellent and the money and time savings is a definite plus.It is worth evey penny that is paid for it. Good luck,Mark

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