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bruce (or any other with personal experience on subject),
ive checked archives but did not find precisely what i would like to know so here it is....i utilize saftee acid and ez-100 for everything (best tanning product on the market in my eyes) we are an active duty military family and i currently have several capes, hides, L/S skins that are green....normally i tan with the ez-100 then mount following the "sweating period". we are getting ready to move again and i dont have enough time to mount everything....can i tan and dry the skins then when i get to my new destination and get settled in just re-soak tanned hides in water then mount and still get the excellent stretch and prolonged workability that i normally get from the ez-100 tan,and also have them re-dry as they normally would if i were mounting straight out of the tanning solution...this would seem to be my best option for preserving specimens till i can mount...salt dry is not really a preffered option as the skins are going to be boxed up and stored, who knows were for several months. thanks for your input and im hoping youll tell me what i hope to be true

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Rehydrating them is the way to go!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/26/02. ( )

I personally prefer to dry my skins and capes - then rehydrate them prior to mounting. It saves freezer space and I dont have to worry about "brown outs"!

Yes - tan and oil your work - then hang them to dry. I dont even work them soft - just dry. Then when I'm ready - I use the 1 handful of salt to every 1 gallon of water method, soak them for 30 minutes - plastic bag them, tie it off and put them in the frig overnight. This method will work great on any tanned skin - EZ-100 - Alum - Lutan F! Remember - if its tanned - there's no good reason to add Bacteriacide to the salt solution! Dont waste your money!

thanks thats what i was.........

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hoping you would tell i dont have to worry about what to do with em all thanks've really put me at ease not having to worry about what to do with all the skins

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