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Submitted by Tate on 5/27/02. ( )

Hello,I hope somebody can help me with a decision.I'm new to tanning and not real sure what to do.I'm thinking about buying an aoudad hide and tanning it myself.The problem is that the animal was killed around 6 months ago and the seller said that the hide has been salted and dried(he left it at that).I'm going to be using Lutan-F and read that if I follow the direction's I should be fine.My question is what should I do to the hide after I get it and what to do to get it ready for the pickle.He want's 25 bucks for it is that reasonable.Thanks for the time.

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Salted and dried, send it to a tannery.

This response submitted by John C on 5/27/02. ( )

Aoudads can be very greasy and hard to comb out.

How much would....

This response submitted by Tate on 5/27/02. ( )

it cost to send this hide to a tannery.I live in Texas,do you know a good tannery down here.Thanks again.

A Quality Tan

This response submitted by Quality Fur Dressing LLC on 5/28/02. ( qualfur@prodigy.net )

We are a wholesale tannery located in Spring, TX (just N of Houston). The owner has been in the business for over 20 yrs. We have many reference such as Woodbury. Give us a call @ 281-292-2206 or look us up right here under tanneries.

Lutan F

This response submitted by Lloyd on 5/29/02. ( )

You must wash all the salt out of hide.Then mix your lutan f out per instructions and let hide soak for about a week turning and swishing every day?..Lloyd

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