Tanned Lynx

Submitted by Kim on 5/4/02. ( )

I've just got my Lynx back from a tanner,now it is small in size and i never measured for the rug shell before i sent it away.Can i measure it up now and order or do i have to add a bit to my numbers.Also to get the width size back should i soak it in water then nail it out to shape.

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 5/5/02. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

If you got a dry tan your Lynx or any other animal will get smaller. It's the norm. You need to soak the head in some water with salt added (no more than thiry min) to prevent a possible chance acid swell. The rest of the body can be done by taking a sponge or a water bottle and wet those areas. Roll the skin up and frige it over night, take it out the next day and you will be able to get your measurements. After that place it the freezer till your parts come in.
Thaw it, mount it then you can take a piece of plywood that has lines made in it going horizontal and diagonal. Start from the middle and work out in two inch increments. This way your rug will be centered and look square when it's stretched and nailed on.


This response submitted by Kim on 5/6/02. ( )

Ok i measure the head after its soaked then tack it out to shape,would i then throw it in to the tumbler for a few minutes.Then proceed to set the head up.
Thanks Kim

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