Krowtann 200

Submitted by John C on 5/28/02. ( )

I just tried the best and easiest tanning solution I have ever seen.

Just ruogh flesh and turn everything.

Mix as directed, submerge the skin with a plastic jug filled with water.

Do this for 2-3 days, agitating the skin each day.

Drain, flesh, resoak for about 20 minutes, thicker skins need longer times.

Drain do final fleshing.

Wash the hide with Liquid Tide, receck the fleshing. Shampoo if you want to.


The skin is tumbled can be mounted or frozen for later.

This will give you a dishrag soft hide with more strecth than a green hide, (Yes no joke!)

Should the hide not be soft, it either needs more fleshing or neutralizing.

Hair slippage the skin was bad to start with or has been over neutralized, but should not be a problem with Krowtann 2000.

Fox and Coyote tails should be either split out or have a cotton string pulled through to wick the tan deep into the tail.

This stuff works great.

Available from Ozark Woods 2536 Prairieview Rd S. Harrison Arkansas 72601

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Krowtann 2000

This response submitted by DS on 5/29/02. ( )

I have to agree with John C, I have tried Krowtann 2000 and it is without a doubt the best and easiest tan that is on the market today bar none. Skins are soft and great strech.A finished mount in Krowtann 2000 is far above any tan out today.

krow tann?

This response submitted by FD on 5/29/02. ( )

If it is that good, why aren't all the professional tanneries using
it? I smell a gimmick here!

No Gimmick, before you comdem it, try it!

This response submitted by John C on 5/30/02. ( )

Many of you have not been around long enough to rememner the first tanning cream TC-9 it worked and worked very well.

Try KROWTANN 2000 following directions and see. You will wonder "Why didn't I think of that."

FD, Are you the same person that said Auto-Tanners don't work?

Each tanning method has its place in the shop, had this been around before Auto-Tanners I would never have bought one. But seriously give it a try, not once but try it three times and see. I have and it works.

I did a red fox life size and two bobcat capes for pedistal mounts. These are dry now and I can attest that it works.

Of course the results you get are based on your skills and ability to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!

Krowtan 200

This response submitted by watache on 6/1/02. ( )

where can you can you get it & does it work for garment tanning is it washabel thanks

How about bear rugs?

This response submitted by Dan on 6/5/02. ( )

Sounds easy! Wow! No oiling like other tans either. Is it really a tan or a liquid DP thing?I have three more bears for rugs I was going to Lutan f tan... but this sounds faster and easier. John...Would you reccomend it for tanning Bear rugs? These are customer skins.


This response submitted by dave on 12/28/2002. ( )

I just bought a boddle of krowtan . i,d like to here more about this product from others that have used it. i talked to the guy who sells it he was willing to give me names of other taxidermists who use krowtan. as soon as i use up my ez 100 i,ll try this new miricle tan it sounds great. if anyone else out there is using krowtan i,d like to here more. happy holidays

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