no tumbler!

Submitted by gg on 6/5/02. ( )

I'm a beginner mounting my second game head. I don't have tumbler to soak up the tanning oils, and soften the cape. How can I prep the hide otherwise? Fluff with a towel? Toss around in a garbage bag? Any suggestions on what to do and at what stage in the process? thanks!

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No Tumbler

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 6/7/02. ( )

gg, You don't need a tumbler to do shoulder mounts if you are tanning and not drying the cape. Sure a tumbler is nice but just be careful with tanning oil not to get lots on the hair. Fluffing with a towel to get excess oil off is good. Main thing is thinning the cape properly and use a good adhesive. The skin should be damp but not dripping and don't forget--the day after you mount, mother hen that thing and correct little problems before the mount dries.Enjoy! Aaron H.


This response submitted by gg on 6/7/02. ( )

thanks for the help!

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