quebec flesher

Submitted by john on 6/12/02. ( )

while fleshing a deer cape today I was getting shocked when
I leaned against the machine and touching the cape.
has this happend to anyone else?if so any ideas to fix it.
thank-you in advance

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Check with the manufacturer

This response submitted by Gerry on 6/12/02. ( )


That's a new one. Sounds like the switch box is grounded. Give me a call, 1-800-567-5080


not grounded or....

This response submitted by b bishop on 6/12/02. ( )

you have a crack in your wiring and it is getting wet and shorting on something. Check for cracks and replace wireing if bad. If you are using extention cords, make sure the wire is large enough to carry the load of the motor and finally , get the sercuit GFI for your protection against shock.

LAck of ground

This response submitted by John C on 6/12/02. ( )

They are correct, somewhere your circut is not grounded. Look to see if the motor is grounded to the frame. (Green wire) then see if the green ground is grounded all the way into the fuse box or breaker panel.

Next see if the white and black wires have been switched in the plug in or the breaker box. Black is hot and white is negative. Get a votlage meter from Wal Mart for about $11.00 if all else fails look at Home Depot for a circut tester. It is a simple plug in device that will show you the lights when wired correctly.

By using this I found the idot who wired this house had no clue on which wire should be hot and which was not. Both tools are under $30.00 total. Then get your self a GFI ground fault interupter to plug it into.

If the house any of the wiring is wrong the GFI will trip.

simialer problem

This response submitted by Frank on 6/13/02. ( )

How strong was the current? I can feel small amounts of current while I shave almost all the time. Mainly on scar tissue on my hands. I have had other people check it out and they said they can't feel the current, so I checked it with a voltage meter and sure enough there was current there, but a very small amount, I havn't had to reset my safty plug-in on the wall. I have even ran an additional ground and that didn't fix the problem. I am starting to beleive that the pickeling solution can hold some kind of charge like a battery. Some people beleive I am what you call Hiper Senseative and that is the only reason I can feel the current. Anyway the current is very iratateing and I hope you can solve your problem. Truely Frank, Rocky Mountain Tanning services.

Frank you good be right on the acid

This response submitted by BobB on 6/13/02. ( )

After reading your reply, I went back and read a post I did under beginners in winter of 2000 on def. of pH. Here is a cut and paste, that may explain your theory, from my post.

"The pH of a solution is then defined as the negative logarithm (base 10) of the hydrogen ion concentration expressed in moles per liter. An ion is an atom, after it has gained or lost an electron."

Certainly sounds reasonable.

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