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Submitted by Will on 6/13/02. ( )

I would like to know if I can use Liqua-tan with my AT. If so how? I got this one used and dont have any info with it.So if anyone has the time please tell me how to use this AT. Thanks Will

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This response submitted by Dan Moon on 6/13/02. ( )

You can use liqua tan, ez tan, lutan F, para tan, and Kwik and Eze in the auto tanner for tanning. You can also use saftee acid, oxalic acid, formic acid, sulphuric acid, amd pickling crystals in your auto tanner to pickle hides. Or you can skip the steps of salting, pickling, and tanning by using the Tanning Crystals that you can get from Steve Rotrammel or Van Dykes. I don't know for sure never done it tthis way but I would guess you pickle your hide (salted and relaxed) first with the pickle solution of your choice for x amount (3-4 hrs) of time and then tan the hide with liqua tan for x amount(3-4 hrs) of time.
I have always done them with the tanning crystals no pre salting no pre pickling all in one step. One gallon of hot water, 1 lb (weighed out) of tanning crystals and 1 cup of water soluable oil. I have had good success with this formula on one or two deer capes at a time in the auto tanner. There are some more detailed articles in Breakthrough and Taxidermy Today, or call Steve Rotrammel. I have his number somewhere but I can't find it right now! I hope this helped you out.

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