Washing after pickling

Submitted by Valentin Potchekansky on 6/21/02. ( wasbg@mailcity.com )

Greetings from Bulgaria,
Recently, I begun to tan very greasy European wild cat's skin. After flashing the skin I avoid the washing bath for degreasing and dip it right into the pickle, because of the hairs, which began to fall out. I read many of the old messages about the washing and degreasing the skins after the pickle, or degreasing together with the pickle(?), but get confused and I didn't understand well what you exactly advice, I read so different opinionsÍ
Some of you explain that there not problem will occur for washing it for a while of time and put the skin back in the pickle, others say that it will cause the hairs loss, because of the degreaser's ph. What is the right way, and what is the degreaser's ph you use, if you dare to use it to wash the skin before the tan?
I will appreciate very much any comment.
Thanks and best wishes! Valentin

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This response submitted by b bishop on 6/21/02. ( bishops@newnorth.net )

Please go to www.TaxidermyReference.com and then go to "how to articles" and then go to my BASICS OF SUCCESSFUL TANNING article and this should help you. If you lose hair in the process, you probably did it before you started pickeling. Dont waste any time getting that hide cooled and salted and then salt dried hard and DRY to SET the epidermis.

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