Mr. Rittel, Please help with Lutan F tanning!

Submitted by Bonnie B. (aka Wolfwoman) on 6/21/02. ( )

I bought the following kit second hand (unopened bottles) and I don't have the instructions for them, can you help?

1 Bag of Lutan F tanning powder
2 Bags Sodium Bicarbonate
1 bottle Pro-plus oil
2 bottles safety acid
1 bottle SYN (that's what is says on it)

Is this a proper kit or are there things I need to add to it? If you could email the instructions, I would be very grateful!

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You already have everything you need!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 6/25/02. ( )

Hi Bonnie! That Kit seems like it has everything you need. I'm unfamiliar with the "SYN" however, but everything else sounds like a good combination.

E-Mail me at and I'd be glad to give you a good working formula for using Lutan F.

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

Cleaning my furs

This response submitted by Dustin on 08/10/2002. ( )

Hey bruce,

I bought a tanning kit from you and tanned a couple of cross fox and a few lynx. The tanning kit worked well but after I had tanned oiled,dryed and work the hides since I had no tumbler, I found that furs were not as bright and clean as I would like. It seems that the furs are too oily. Is there any solivent or cleaner that I could use to get the furs clean and soft after they have been tanned? Is useing white gas a solution? I herd of people dumping there furs into white gas to clean them but I don't know. How about borax pouder for a cleaning solivent? If so how would I go about useing it to clean them? Please help thanks!

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