Restoring 150 year old leather shirts....

Submitted by Mike G. on 6/22/02. ( )

I have recently aquired a couple of old elk skin shirts dating to the 1870s. One is in extremely good condition but the other has cracked, shrunk and shriviled and basicly stuck to a form. These have very significant historical value and I want to preserve them for years to come.

any and all advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Depends on leather type

This response submitted by Matt Richards on 7/3/02. ( )


A lot depends on the tanning methods used. The 1870's is when chrome tanning started to replace more traditional methods. First off, does the shirt have a glossy grain side to it, or is it suede on both sides?

I tan, and consult on traditional methods used prior to the 1870's, so if its an example of that, then I can help you.

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