beginer book courses

Submitted by TravisChilson on 6/22/02. ( )

im lookin for a begginer course i looked on WASCO not what i want i want some thing that covers all mounting skining etc and tells how to do all where can i find one or im lookin for coraspondence course

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central texas school of taxidermy

This response submitted by missouri on 7/1/02. ( )

kelly is a good teacher. I done some book study but i never would have learned what i did without going to school.

looking for schooling at home

This response submitted by Kim on 11/20/2002. ( )

Hi! My name is Kimberly Ann Cunliffe and I was currently attending a self constructed school called CIS (Center For Individual Studies) But it was in Peterborough Ontario and I cannot get ahold of my trans- script. I am writing u because I wish to do school at home and I am a better worker on my own the in a big group I just learn better. The only problem is that I have been on the computer a few times today looking and it only shows for texas. If it is possible for me to do ur program then I would be happy to hear from u. I live in Burlington and if u would like to write and give me more information here is my address 2133 Pear-Tree Lane Burlington Ontarion L7P-4L2 so if u could I owuld appreciat learning about your program.
Thankx for ur time
Kimberly Cunliffe

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