quebec lite fleshing machine problems

Submitted by Dean on 6/24/02. ( )

I recently bought a Quebec lite fleshing machine and have some
questions. This is my first shaving machine,I 'm a beginner that would
like to get into the tanning business . I tried my machine out a couple
of hide today that have been pickled. I watched you video that was sent
with the machine, be still have some problem. How thin should the capes
be shaved down to? In some spots I could see the hair folicals in the
hide is that to thin? Should I be trying to shave the whole hide as thin
as possible or em I just trying to shave down the uneven spots? the
blade was bumped or something during shipping or something ,the cutting
edge was rolled down in one spot. I took the sharping pins and worked it
back out,it was cutting good and then seemed to start getting dull, how
often should you have to go back and tune up the blade with the sharping
pins? Should the hides be shaved dry or wet? I started out fleshing them
wet, but as they dried out a little it seemed to work a little
better.The machine is flipping alot of shaved stuff up at me in my face,
is this normal? I know it is just going to take practice ,but I was
wondering if I 'm headed in the wrigth direction?
please HELP.

thank you
a new owner Dean,

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Blade may be turning backwards

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 6/24/02. ( )

First of all, I would call Gerry with your questions, he has a 1-800 number and really sells service with his machines. If your blade was damaged in shipping, I would also discuss this with him. If the blade is turning the wrong way, it will spit shavings up, instead of down, you will just need to reverse this. I have struggled with my maching a little too, but I have only shaved about a dozen capes, I am sure it takes time, like anything else, and instant success shouldn't be expected if you do not have any experience, like me. I would also suggest experimentation may help you get better, try adjusting the guards, the edge on the blade. I know my blade wobbled a lot after I first put the thing together, all I needed to do was shim the motor with some cardboard by jamming it between the motor and table to keep it from wobbling, and this helped. One thing is for sure, if you keep doing things the same way, you will still get the same results. Try messing with some backskins and hides you don't need for mounts. As far as thinness goes, it may very well depend on the animal. I was shaving unevenly for awhile too, until I took the wobble out of the blade. I like to shave whitetail capes very thin, except around the very edge of the seam, so the stitches hold. I have only tried one bear, and I may need help their myself, as some hair came through in spots. Again, call Gerry. Hope this helped.

Thanks Mike, he just called me today.

This response submitted by Gerry on 6/24/02. ( NEW EMAIL; )

Hi all,

Dean phoned me today and yes we made the mistake of not wiering the motor properly. After more than 1200 times it is still possible to make a mistake. I must be human.

I hope that any futur buyers of a Quebec product will have the reflex to call me and explain his problem. Most of the time it can be resolved by telephone. If not we will do what it takes to give you all the help you need to solve the problem. As Mike explained, a fleshing machine needs some getting used to. I compare it to learning how to become a pilot. Most of the time it's not the plane.

How thin to shave is explained in the video, STOP AT THE BLEW. Making machines is easy for me but to make my customers become a good operator is my obsession. I attended more than one hundred conventions and gave thousanths of demos. How is it that the right way is so difficult to master and the errors come so esaly?


thanks Gerry and Mike

This response submitted by Dean on 6/25/02. ( )

the blade was ratating backward Thank for your help Mike and Gerry it seams to work a lot better now. Gerry was really nice and helpful about any questions over the phone.It was a very simple procedure to reverce the ratation of the blade.

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