What is shaving...

Submitted by Chip on 6/24/02. ( )

I'ne heard of shaving the skin, what does this mean?Also, what is pickling?One more question. You fellas talk about salting and pickling and all that other stuff to tan your hides for mounting purposes.How does dry preservative compare to your methods?I've only used dry preservative before and it sounds as if your methods are much more complex than mine.

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I hate to say it but...

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 6/24/02. ( )

Someone else will, if I don't. There is a search feature at the left, if you click on it and type in the words you need answers for, you'll find tons of info. There has also been a lot of discussion about DP vs. tanning. Hope this helped.

Thinning the hide.

This response submitted by John C on 6/24/02. ( )

Thinning the hide either by hand or with a machine.

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This response submitted by jen on 6/24/02. ( )

not all old computers can search, but ill just say ,, chip come back and read more there is tons of good info about all the subjects you just mentioned,,, if your computer locks up and shuts down with the search method, go to the bottom of each months posts and you can look at other months posts, and search by title for similar posts and such, takes a long time but there tons of good reading on this site.

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