Disposal of Used Salt?

Submitted by Josh on 6/27/02. ( critter_skinner@yahoo.com )

Was wondering what everyone does with their used salt?
I live in the country, and don`t know how I should get rid of it.
P.S. It is illegal to make a salt lick in NY! HA HA

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used salt

This response submitted by Lisa on 6/27/02. ( )

I don't know about N.Y., but here where i live u can have salt licks as long as they are on your property.So after making several salt licks , (a person can only have so many, LOL), i used the salt to start killing weeds around the house, under fences etc.I am sure you will get many different responses from others here that often used their salt for many different things.Oh yea, it is a good snail killer also. Good Luck.........Lisa

help a ememy

This response submitted by Rob C. on 6/27/02. ( )

If you have a emeny put it out by his hunting stand and then call the game warden. LOL LOL I take mine to my cabin and make a salt lick, but I don't hunt there. Or some times I know a farmer and take it there. But this is salt that had no chemicals, like pickles. after the rain washes it the cows eat it.

salt licks...

This response submitted by paul scalenghge on 07/28/2002. ( xpwsx@aol.com )

My daughters want to attract deer with a salt lick.
Any idea in how I can make a salt lick?
please forward your directions.

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