stop slip from Knoblochs?

Submitted by ducksplus on 07/08/2002. ( )

is this product any good and how does it work?


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try this

This response submitted by * on 07/08/2002. ( )

Go get some denatured alcohol.Its the same stuff

when do you use

This response submitted by ducksplus on 07/08/2002. ( )

when do you use this on the skin. do you apply to the skin side?


This response submitted by * on 07/09/2002. ( )

Use when mounting,apply to the hair side to tighten up loose hair.
Once mounted, place fan on mount. good luck

Some one else that don't know what they are talking about

This response submitted by MARK on 07/16/2002. ( )

The Two products are not the same, leave the chemistry up to the chemists. You have no Idea even close, Stop Slip is a special blend of products to help tighten up the hair, used at any stage that slipping has been spotted. Most will use it after mounting and have noticed some loose hair.


By the way if people are going to open their mouth of what a product is made of have the guts to put your name and address up some you can be responsible for a lawsuit!

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