Submitted by JOE on 07/09/2002. ( )

A friend told me about tanning using kerosene and baking soda. Have you ever heard of this does it work? what are the pro's con's and why would it work? Thanks ahead of time for any response. cool in alaska

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Did you ask to see your friends hides?

This response submitted by George on 07/09/2002. ( )

And I'm certainly assuming that you're talking about a tanning recipe rather than a Molotov cocktail that would extinguish itself. Would you pour kerosene on a #1 wolverine hide or silver crossfox pelt? Well, if it don't sound good, it probably ain't and I assure you, that one AIN'T.

Believe it or not!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 07/09/2002. ( )

Believe it or not - I have heard of it. A young girl in CA years ago told me she was tanning Sheepskins using it. And I told her not to ever let those skins get any dampness or water on them. If she did - they'd probably foam! She called me to complain that they werent soft enough - but then tanning oils arent compatible with Baking soda and Kerosene! My advice was to have her gently wash them out in some Water and start over - the right way! Use a pickle and a tanning agent!


This response submitted by Joe on 07/09/2002. ( )

Thanks Bruce, I finally found an article where you mentioned that and the differance between tanning and tawing. So like I said I appreciate the response and its right along the same lines as I was thinkin. Joe

I've tried it it works

This response submitted by Possum on 11/12/2002. ( )

I have done a squirrel hide this way that was white as snow and when worked out it was as soft as anything. ALso all the hair stayed securely in the hide with no appreciable loss. All the naysayers should actually try something first before knocking it.

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