John C -

Submitted by deb on 07/10/2002. ( )

Any tanning companies that you would recommend? I am in
Minnesota. Thanks

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Tanning co.

This response submitted by Mark c. on 07/10/2002. ( )

Hi Deb, I use Midwest Fur Dresing in Rice MN. Jerry does a great job and is easy to work with, I would recommend trying him. His number is

Yup I use him to

This response submitted by John on 07/10/2002. ( )

I've been using him to for about 10 years.Does a great job.Best part about it hes my neighbor.

Midwest Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Old Fart on 07/10/2002. ( )

They put out a very good product, at a reasonable turn around time.

I would go with Midwest Fur Dressing.

This response submitted by John C on 07/10/2002. ( )

When Old Fart says they do a good product, I am sure they do. I would also consider Arlington Cape. Kieth can handle any imports if needed.

I use a tannery in Minnesota

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 07/10/2002. ( )

Deb, I use Finley's Tannery in Chatfield, MN (SE Minnesota). It is about 25 miles from my home so it is easy to run hides over there. Call Jim Finley if you are interested - (507) 867-3823, he does a good job.


Thanks Guys

This response submitted by deb on 07/10/2002. ( )

Thanks for the information guys. I'm hoping to some day soon have the
equipment to do the whole deal myself. Deer hides and smaller are ok,
it's the bears that are killing me. Gotta do a little at a time.

the "bear" facts

This response submitted by cj's on 07/10/2002. ( )

i send all my stuff to Quality Fur Dressing in Spring, TX. they are great...saw them @ the NTA show & they were better than ever. & if it bears you want, the are running a special on a quick turn around!

To above: see remember this

This response submitted by old shaver on 07/13/2002. ( )

see remember this

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