My tumbler went down.How can i get my large bear skins soft.

Submitted by Bighorn on 07/14/2002. ( )

I've been in buisness 22 years and tanning almost all my on skins for ten.I mount all my skins wet.After the final flesh and degrease . I stretch the skin on the table,then oil.I shave as thin as i dare without cutting the roots to deep and losing hair on my bears.Remember my tumbler motors went out.I wish i didnt have to use it anyway.I hate sawdust and corncob.When my skin is dry i sand with 50 grit on a sander to try and get even thinner for sheen is our miracle fluid for grease,although we also shampoo.I do 50 bear rugs a year to sale and 100 bison shoulders.In cases where we double oil it does not dry or makes it hard to sand.Any help on softness with my bears Thanks Dean Rogers Cody,Wy.307-587-5311

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Check this out...............!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 07/14/2002. ( )

Check out the "Hints & Tips" section of Taxidermyweb! I placed an article there that may be helpful in helping you accomplish those soft skins that you want. The address is:

Otherwise - you may consider "arm staking" those Bears soft - and thats hell on your armpits!

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