sticking sawdust

Submitted by Dean on 07/17/2002. ( )

I have checked the Archives and have not had any luck in finding what I want.
I'em using EZ-100 tanning solutions. When I tumble the to remove the surface moisture
before appling oil the sawdust sticks to the flesh side of the cape, and it wont come off,
anyone have any sugestions to help me clean up the sawdust.

I also tumble the hides dry after oiling to help dry capes faster it seams to leave
little particals of sawdust also. please help

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I do the same thing!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 07/17/2002. ( )

I do the same thing - when I tan! The sawdust really doesnt affect the finished product, and the little grains do not affect the application of the oil. However, to clean it up if you are using the cape or skin for mounting - then prior to mounting I would recommend using a scrub brush on the flesh side and then blowing both sides off with an air hose. If there are still some grains left - it should not interfere with mounting it and getting fine detail.

How do they do it in a Tannery? They put the capes or skins in a mesh covered "Caging Drum" where the sawdust is pounded out as the skins and capes tumble slowly. Usually these Caging Drums are 6'high X4' wide or higher!

don't tumble till after you apply tanning oil

This response submitted by dwl on 07/18/2002. ( )

then after tumble in sawdust, put in mesh screen tumbler and get rest of sawdust out of cape.

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