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Submitted by Ron on 07/12/2002. ( )

Been with the same tannery for years. I've received a 100 or more capes this year with no problems. Got a call from them yesterday saying that 6 out of the 10 wt capes have bad slippage in the muzzel and are pretty much wasted. Why all of a sudden is there a problem in the same batch in the same area of the capes? Any ideas? Thanks

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Did the hides drain well during salting?

This response submitted by John C on 07/12/2002. ( )

Many people stack the hides one on top of another during salting. This allows the fluids to pool and bacteria to grow. The hides should be on a slanted board or a rack. single depth only.

sounds fishy to me

This response submitted by old shaver on 07/12/2002. ( old shaver@yahoo.com )

Judging by the ammount of deer you do, I know you know how to salt a cape. This might be easy to understand if all capes came from the same hunter. Was there excessive meat around the muzzles? Not saying that this the problem, but your tannery might have had their pickle hot enough.(low enough ph)


This response submitted by os on 07/12/2002. ( )

maybe NOT hot enough

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