Looking for a 19 Minute Tan?

Submitted by Bruce Rittel on 07/17/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Rittels has a creamy white KWIK-N-EZE Paint-on Tanning product that penetrates fast! REAL FAST! So fast - you'll swear it tans before your eyes as you apply it! Within 19 Minutes!

But no! It's not a 19 minute tan! There's no such thing! You can apply it - and it penetrates almost immediately - but until any tan dries - it's not chemically bonded to the fibers! And that takes a lot longer than 19 minutes or 4 hours! In fact, most mounted capes wil not dry completely for 3 or 4 days, depending on the moisture in your shop!

Rittels KWIK-N-EZE has deeper penetration power - it has a faster drying time - it makes a whiter leather - it produces a softer skin - tanned skins have an indefinite shelf-life - and it has a better price - than any competing product! If you dont believe it then I challenge you to try it and compare them!

Want to compare prices? Rittels sells 1 Quart for $16.20, 1 Gallon for $49.90 and a 5 Gallon Pail for $223.00! That's a lot of WhiteTail Deer capes at a reasonable price!

This is an EZ-100 based tan. Our Rittels customers even tell us they use it in their Auto Tanner Machines with their tanning crystals - and they love the results! It gives them more stretch and reduces shrinkage as the cape dries! If you have an Auto Tanner - Contact us - We can tell you how to use it the same way! Simply click on our E-Mail address here and we'll send you the instructions to print out!

Our E-Mail address is: Rittel@mindspring.com

Visit our Website to order: http://Rittelsupplies.net

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 07/17/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

This product is also available from our Distributors! And WASCO is one of them. The next time you place an order with them - order a Quart of KWIK-N-EZE and try it for yourself. I think you'll like what you see and feel!


This response submitted by Dave B. on 07/17/2002. ( gottahuntem@mit.midco.net )

Bruce is right.I have been using this product for the first time this year and am EXTREMELY impressed in the product.It does exactly what Mr.Rittel says it does. I got and get excelent stretch from the tan and am amazed at how quickly it penetrates into the skin.I think its an awsome product and will continue to use it.It was used on all my customer's mounts as well as many for the mounts we did for the store.
Thanks bruce for another wonderful product!
P.S.I'm still trying Buddy!LOL


Another Amazing Product by Mr. Rittel

This response submitted by Redphoenix on 07/19/2002. ( ! )

I have not tried this produst, but will keep it in mind. Mr. Rittel has never let me down before so I am sure it will do what he says it does. I have nothing to tan right now, but I will give it a try the next time I tan. Bruce, keep up the good quality work!

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