Bacteriacide for re-hydrating a skin

Submitted by Greg on 07/17/2002. ( )

Is there a common household product that can act as a bacteriacide that can be purchased at local supermarkets or drug stores that can be used when rehydrating skins...I only do a couple skins a year and don't want to purchase through a taxidermy supply company what may be locally available...Thanks!

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Not anymore.

This response submitted by John C on 07/17/2002. ( )

Phenol has been removed from the market for public use.

LYSOL no longer has this in it and has a very high pH 9.0 and will cause hair slippage. WASCO sells some anti-bacteria tablets, that are great and work very well.

don't need it

This response submitted by al barrette on 07/18/2002. ( )

if you watch your saok-up, and are only doing one or two skins you don't have to use any. i rehydate large vats of weekly with no bactercide.

use of phenol for re-hydrating bird's skin

This response submitted by SYED HASNAIN HAIDER on 07/20/2002. ( )

I don't know what compound should be used to re-hydrate a birds dried skin especially the feet. If someone can help me, pleas tell me how to use phoenol nad water as rehydrater.


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