Saftee Acid Question

Submitted by Dan on 07/21/2002. ( )

I have been using Safetee Acid for years and have always had good luck with it. Last night I added a couple deer capes to a container with the acid bath already containing another cape,as usual the PH started to go up when I got the bottle to add more to bring the level down to around 1 , I happened to notice that the bottle was Ultra Soft Relaxer,the bottles look similiar and I realized that I was out of safetee acid. Soon as I realized my mistake I took the 2 capes out of the bath and bagged them in plastic bags and put them in the freezer, I plan on ordering safetee acid Monday and my Question is did I do the right thing by putting them right in the freezer wet with acid bath? I plan on thawing them and putting them right back in acid bath soon as I get the safetee acid. Both are really nice capes and I hate to take a chance on loosing them .

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doubt it

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 07/21/2002. ( )

Only cause you use it to rehydrate your capes. Chances are good that the capes will be just fine but if the capes are or were handled poorly then you may a problem with slippage and it won't be cause of ultra-soft.

Probably OK!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 07/23/2002. ( )

Your capes should probably be OK. I've bought skins that were pickled, drained and shipped wet, with no damage. I've also frozen pickled skins and then thawed them with no damage. You should be fine unless, like Frank said - they are "questionable" skins or capes!

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