Water fleshing?

Submitted by Ron on 07/29/2002. ( )

I have read a few refrences to "water fleshing" in this forum lately. One even seamed to suggest that you could flesh the shield of a hog like this. I pray to God on bended knees this is true but I don't think so. Anybody ever heard of this. Ron

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water fleshing

This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 07/29/2002. ( )

Had you attended the NTA Convention in Columbia,MO you could have witnessed first hand a seminar on using a pressure washer to flesh,
not only hogs,but fox,fish,turkey,etc

New meaning to "HOG HEAVEN"

This response submitted by Ron on 07/29/2002. ( )

I've seen pressure washers used on alligators and have used them my self to clean skulls, but are you actually saying it will take the shield off a big boar. I'm sure it would work to blow off meat and fat
but if it takes off the #@%$# shield I'll buy one tommorrow. I'm still skepitcal. Amybody out there who's tried it themselves.
Thanks Ron

Shield removing

This response submitted by Frankie Thompson on 07/30/2002. ( frankietho@aol.com )

The pressure washer will not remove the shield on a boar. It is not powerful enough to get under the shield and remove it. It works well for removing the remnants of flesh and the membrane on boar, deer, fish, turkeys, mammals, etc. There was a seminar at the NTA convention on using the pressure washer for fleshing as Bill described. But, for removing the shield of the boar a different tool is used.

To remove the shield on a boar, Richard Noles of Georgia has come up with one of the most innovative ways that I have ever seen. He is also the individual that did the pressure washing seminar and showed how to remove the boar shield. This tool is a circular tool that has teeth on it and is connected on to a side grinder with a protective shield. I went to his house and watched him remove a 1 1/4" shield on a boar in about 30 minutes and he even stopped and talked to me telling me what he was going to do. It works very well but it does make a mess. It flings pieces of the shield everywhere. Stay tuned in one of the coming issues of Outlook as I'm going to put an article about Richard using the tool and how well it works. It sells for $39.95. When I saw Richard using it, I bought one on the spot. It works great.

After removing the shield, then the pressure washer is used to clean up the rest of the hide. Any questions email me. I'm going to the Arkansas Convention but will answer any emails when I return Sunday.

water fleshing

This response submitted by JacOdViler on 07/30/2002. ( )

yep it works ,but with all the fat and meat ,what a SMELL
us a draw knife .

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