Info about Seminole Furs

Submitted by Rob on 07/28/2002. ( )

Can anyone who uses or has used Seminole fur give me some info on their Quality.

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This response submitted by Jerry on 07/28/2002. ( )

I used them 1 time for some wet tanned black bears, The tan wasn't bad , but they were very dirty I had to wash them several times to get them clean

seminoia furs

This response submitted by JacO'dViler on 07/28/2002. ( )

I use Jim for bear and elk he has done a fine job .when salting
make bone dry and flesh out good Jack V.


This response submitted by EARL on 07/31/2002. ( ANT/TAX )

THEY NEVER DO WRONG ? When I first started using tanneries they were the cats meow.. Then after about 5 years came the slippage,curly hair syndrome,holes around eyes and noses,blown out ears,tags missing,you name it has happened and more than once,twice,can't tell you how many problems I had..I haven't done my capes any differently in 15 years so why all of a sudden,and of course it's my fault..I sent them batches of twenty.They came back 1 batch ok the next one ok then the next one all had curly hair and slipping then the next batch good ,you tell me.. The last straw were two life size, one all white and one piebald I was in on the piebald hunt and knew exactly how it was taken care of,"PROPERLY I ASSURE YOU" both came back slipping "BAD" .Take your chances ,maybe they changed..

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