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Submitted by Ariana on 7/1/02. ( ariana07@hotmail.com )

Free return delivery. Turnaround 60 to 75 working days, year round. Wet tan available at no extra charge (two weeks to complete). Lutan F used on all hides. Many skins hand-groomed, as well as machine groomed. Customer satisfaction, quality tanning, and fast turnaround are our main objectives.

Address: 1055 S. Soderquist Road, Turlock, CA 95380
Sales: (209) 668-1331 -- Fax: (209) 668-2064

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This response submitted by Ariana on 7/1/02. ( goldenstatetannery@hotmail.com )

For more info about about our tannery - please email me at goldenstatetannery@hotmail.com

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