I need some Info on slippage

Submitted by Doug H on 7/2/02. ( hnatiukstaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Last fall a guy brought me in a whole Black bear. He wanted me to skin it out and make it into a rug for him. I asked him how long it has been since it was killed, and he told me yesterday (yesterday and the next day were hot days outside). Even though i knew it might be risky of slippage i skinned it and out and told him we would mount it for him. When i got it back from the tannery there was some slippage around the snount but overall not that bad. We did some blending to the face and it was hardly noticeable.When the guy came to pick it up he didnt say to much and paid me with a personal cheque. Later on that week he calls me up and tells me he cancelled the cheque and that the slippage was my fault. He told me he may pay me some money after he gets it fixed up.

What a pain in the ass. After i do a guy a favor by skinning out his bear for him on a sunday afternoon, because he had no clue on how to. He blames the slippage on me saying i screwed up.

What i want is some information on slippage and why it occurs, so i can send it to this guy. Maybe inlighten him abit.

Anyone got a better idea? its the only thing i can think of to try in get my money.

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I do know this much.....

This response submitted by Ludman on 7/2/02. ( )

okay.. fine.. there was some slippage, the customer who saw the finished product, wrote the check (big no no for final payment. cash or money order is best) and took the rug home. By doing so he agreed to the price of the finished product. Cancelling his check after having the item in his hand is called Theft by Deception, chances are he has no intention of paying for the final product, he got what he wanted ..damn cheap rug... now get your money...call your attorney, mine helped me get my money from a very similar case (but with a furnace)good luck

Did you have a contract

This response submitted by Superpig on 7/2/02. ( millstaxidermy@aol.com )

Here we go again. First of all did you have him sign a contract which included a disclaimer for the tanning? Remember the guy with the fox about a month or so ago? I can't stress it enought to have everybody sign a contract when you take in an animal. Besides the contract, the customer is now comitting theft by deception like Leanna said. Go to your local police department and file a report. By him giving you a check for payment of the mount he did accept the fault in the mount and therefore agreed to the work as being acceptable. Him now stopping the check is nothing but pure theft. Do not let him get away with this. And next time, have your customer sign a contract where everything is layed out: disclaimer for tanning, alteration costs, repair charges, deposit paid, charges for mount, disclaimer about theft, fire, act of god, etc.

as for

This response submitted by buckshot on 7/2/02. ( )

the slippage click on search and type in slippage and there is lots of info


This response submitted by Doug H on 7/3/02. ( hnatiukstaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Thanks for the info.

Hair slip

This response submitted by Lloyd on 7/3/02. ( )

After you skin bear out and flesh it down then you rub salt in this is your best way to stop hair slip....Lloyd

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