Looking for tannery -The single most important question!

Submitted by Old Shaver on 7/2/02. ( OldShaver@hotmail.com )

The most important question you should ask your potential tanner is how long have your shavers been shaving? If the answer is less than 5 years, BEWARE! It takes at least this long to get good! This comment is coming from a 16 year shaving veteran.

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This response submitted by Doug on 7/2/02. ( seibert@usol.com )

Old Shaver,
You are RIGHT ON with that post! My tannery does an excellent job of tanning, but...BUT... I have gotten more than a few capes back that have had shaving holes in very "hard to fix" places. I had my biggest and best one come back with NINE holes in the HEAD! I'd MUCH rather have them SKIP the face from the eyes on out to the nosepad rather than get so many cuts. And what's the use of asking? Anyone can lie about how much experience their shavers have...eh? Makes me think about going back to the "in shop" methods I used to use.
You a good shaver O.S? Need some work? Get my drift?
Thanks for the post. I feel better now.

O.S your just B.S

This response submitted by Young Shaver on 7/3/02. ( )

I can shave seven deer capes an hour as thin as they can get with very few to zero damages, and I've only been shaving a little over a year. I think it all comes down to who you were trained by and how you were trained.

So 7 capes YS

This response submitted by John on 7/3/02. ( Njuanalex@aol.com )

Y.S. are these capes nicely prepted before you flesh or can you really flesh and average of 7 no matter the thickness and leave them nice and thin as a true pro tax would want.

Do you really have this talent Y.S. if so what would be your credentials.

Contact me Y.S.

Curious, John

I will put my money on the old Shaver.

This response submitted by John C on 7/3/02. ( taxidermist118@hotmail.com )

Y.S. I have to see you do that to belive it. Since I did not fall off the tater wagon yesterday, and leave close to Missouri, you are going to have to show me!

I could be wrong but I dont think you can do seven capes in one hour including the faces. and to be thin on top of that? If you can do that come on down there is plenty of work to be had.

Name you specifications to show me.

A shaver at a good tannery...

This response submitted by Paul on 7/3/02. ( paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

better be able to shave at least seven deer capes an hour. A large tannery I use pays their round wheel guys $20.00 an hour, at $28.00 charge for tanning service, he had better produce. If not how can they make any money. You of coarse have to final flesh the face when its returned to you, thats the norm. I'm sorry but after six months under the correct tutelage doing the same repetitious work day in and day out, hundreds of capes a week, if you ain't good by than your never going to me.

Old Shaver Stepped on a toe or two?

This response submitted by Old Shaver on 7/3/02. ( OldShaver@hotmail.com )

Deer are the most basic skin there is. That is what you learn on! To me seven deer capes in an hour is barely coasting. When a shaver can shave 3 lifesize wild sheep in an hour, then your doing something!(Dall,Stone,Bighorn,Marcopolo) If I was a Taxidermist, I sure wouldnt want a one year shaver shaving my Marcopolo!

This is how it is, I have nothing to prove to anyone

This response submitted by Young Shaver on 7/3/02. ( )

When I say seven deer/hr. I mean the average normal that comes through. I've been an apprentice to probably on of the best shavers there is and I work for the best tannery there is, compared to my co-workers Im on the slower end, but they have been there many more years than I have, but im still good at what I do.

Keep up the good work!

This response submitted by old shaver on 7/3/02. ( )

I respect your opinion, but please respect mine!

Looking for rabbit hide buyer in Texas

This response submitted by Echo on 7/4/02. ( Tattoo_Bitch )

Does anyone buy rabbit skins to tan & resell or know of anyone in Texas who does? I am starting a rabbitry & want to sell the hides.
Please, e-mail me. I'll probably never find this site again.

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