safetee acid time in

Submitted by mike on 08/04/2002. ( )

just started using this acid how do i know that my cape has been in the tan long enough some one said when i push my fingernail into itand it leaves the nail mark on it its done.also just purchased a fleshing machine.can i get a finished thinning on the cape write awaythen tan . should i not flesh the chin area till after it has been tanned becouse of possible hair loss.

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Safty acid is not a tan...

This response submitted by Paul on 08/04/2002. ( )

It is a pickle. After three days in the acid you shave the hide thin, place back in pickle for 24 hours than neutrilize in baking soda than tan using which ever method you prefer. Make sure the PH stays below 2 or the possibilty of slippage will occure. You can final thin not flesh the face after tanning. All fleshing should be done in pickleing stages...Paul

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