preparing for sell

Submitted by gunner on 08/04/2002. ( )

i am new at trapping and wanted to know how to prepare coon furs to sell if u could plese give instructions

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Case skinning

This response submitted by Ron on 08/04/2002. ( )

Dear gunner. If you are wanting to sell the coons for the fur trade they need to be case skinned. That is one cut down the back of both hind legs. Cut rings around each leg and peel it off like a glove. They will need to be scraped and dried on stretchers as well. If you want to sell to taxidermist it would be best to get some buyers first and asked them how they would like them skinned. I prefere a dorsal incision on all full body game mounts but others may want something different. There are some trapping sights on the web similar to this that can give you more detailed info. Be sure and join your state trappers association and help support your trapping rights. I am a director for the Al trappers association and If i can help in anyway let me know. Trapping to me is the greatest outdoor fun a guy can have. Good luck Ron


This response submitted by gunner on 08/05/2002. ( )

thanks for the help ron

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