Skife Blades

Submitted by HeadHanger on 08/05/2002. ( )

Are skife blades only available from a Taxidermy supply company or can they be purchased locally under a different product name? Thanks.


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Injector Blades

This response submitted by Bonnie Z on 08/05/2002. ( )

Hey HH,
Just go to your local drug store, etc. in the shaver isle and buy shick injector blades...

Injectors not available

This response submitted by Paul on 08/05/2002. ( )

anywere here anymore. Just your double six pack replaceables you pop off to change. I guess big brother is protecting our youth from themselves...

Ever heard of.....

This response submitted by Bonnie Z on 08/05/2002. ( )

search? Ok Paul and HH if they are not available at your local stores go to and type in injector blades and push the search button. There are quite a few places to order and in bulk. Or you can go to the link below (they have shick) Good Luck!

This response submitted by who cares on 08/06/2002. ( )

Bonnie have you ever heard of proof reading?

wall mart

This response submitted by cutfinger on 08/07/2002. ( )

i buy mine at wall mart. they come in a little white dispencer. cant remember the brand name but there with the shaving stuff.


This response submitted by HeadHanger on 08/08/2002. ( )

Thanks for the input guys. I'll check into it.


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