Cape stretch

Submitted by DaveB on 08/10/2002. ( )

I bought a WT deer cape that was tanned at a tannery from some one. The measurments 3" below the ears show 17" it is suppose to be 23" will it stretch this much when it is softened up. I have never had a cape that was sent to a tannery I'm kind of worried that I got took what do you think, Am I over reacting The person that sold it to me sells quit a few & was real nice but 6" is a lot to ask.
Thanks, DaveB

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This response submitted by Dan on 08/10/2002. ( )

This ;imk was posted a while ago but here it is again. Try it.

It will work!

This response submitted by Dan Catlin on 08/11/2002. ( )

Assuming you are talking about a dry tanned cape. I purchased a dry tanned cape from a commercial tannery and it was a 21". When I received it in the mail it was 15". I was a little worried but I soaked it in water with fabic softner for 45min. then put it in a trash bag over night. I got the 21" and then some!

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