rienhart tanning cream

Submitted by marv on 08/06/2002. ( )

has anyone used rienhart tanning cream. if so what did you think? a ny comparisons to the other creams out there

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I didn`t care for it

This response submitted by steve on 08/06/2002. ( snelgro@nts-online.net )

I personally didn`t care for it,it was to oily and I have never had trouble with slippage but I did with it, HA BUT THATS JUST ONE PERSON TALKING I AM KNOCKING ANYONE`S PRODUCT MAYBE I DIDN`T DO SOMETHING RIGHT , BUT YOU ASKED!

Glad it was just ONE person

This response submitted by George on 08/06/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

Used it for years with no problems. The oil is tanning oil to keep the hide soft and pliable. I've NEVER had a slippage problem. The only time you'll ever experience slippage is if you don't use a fresh hide and skip the pickle step. Fresh hides don't require pickle as long as they haven't set in the back of Bubba's pickup truck for half a day. The product is so good, several other manufacturers are now making similar products. Much more info is in the archives.

I agree with George

This response submitted by Gus on 08/06/2002. ( )

I have mounted deer that are over 10 years old and look as good as the day they were done. I have never had a slippage problem,I never pickle,but I only do fresh hides. Every one blames the tanner or taxidermist for their poor care of the hide in the first place.A deer thats to be mounted should never be hung,or driven around and shown off. It should be refridgerated or skinned and salted the same day or as soon as possible.


This response submitted by marv on 08/07/2002. ( )

Thanks for the replies. Steve, what type of tanning cream have u used that you do like? I have only used rienhart. I have never had a problem but always looking for something better.

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