Submitted by ray on 08/14/2002. ( mondma@btinternet.com )

i removed hair fom goatskin with lime but after repeated washing the white of the lime still appears on face of skin when dry how can i remove it

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You have to "kill" the Lime!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 08/14/2002. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

After you Lime a skin and remove the hair - you have to "kill" the Lime action by soaking it first in a good rinse of clean water, and then in a "deliming solution". What it is, is really an acidifying solution that neutralizes the Lime and removes it. The best choice is to use Ammonium Sulphate. It takes very little and after a soak of 24 hours the Lime is completely neutralized.

At this point you can then process it like any other skin into the pickle and tan it, or use it to make drumheads or other rawhide items.

preparing goatskins for drums

This response submitted by keith manning on 10/28/2002. ( qaida.k@hawknet.com.au )

I have sourced a supply of goatskins from an abattoir and wish to find out how to prepare them for making drum heads. Please send info regarding the process of fleshing, de-hairing etc.

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