TX77 tanning for whitetail capes?

Submitted by Boxie Kallina on 08/12/2002. ( anillak@hotmail.com )

Lately, I have been using a Montana School of Tanning graduate to tan my capes. His attitude is very good. He wants to know how his product compares to others and is always willing to listen. He uses TX77 with a pressure tanner. I really like the tan. It seems to produce very strong leather. My ? is. Does TX77 lend itself to a more thicker or plumper leather? He says he is fleshing thin but if I had any complaints it would be the capes all seem to wind up a little thicker than I am use to. For stretch-wise, I think I am getting back close to the original size but no more. Is this common
for the TX77 and pressure tanning or do I need to tell him something for him to make some adjustments....he is all ears. I would appreciate any comments or helpful solutions...Thanks <:)

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Have him try same time but use a little less TX77

This response submitted by John C on 08/12/2002. ( )

Boxie, it is very easy to over tan with a pressure tanner. Try two or three capes for the same time length in tanner, but use a little less chemicals. This could allow more stretch and a little thinner skin.

Please let us know how it works out.

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