So........What is TX77?

Submitted by Dan on 08/24/2002. ( )

Hey Frank, no one answered your question about TX77, and I was waiting for answer too! What is it? Did you ever get an answer? Is it a syntan or like alum? How come no one posted an answer? I wont use it unless I know what it is. Why is it such a mystery? Is it toxic or dangerous? What does the MSDS sheet say?

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I'm pretty sure TX77

This response submitted by skinme2 on 08/24/2002. ( Kristoph )

is what they call para-tan when they sell it in large volumes to tanneries and the like, what I was told anyway. Mark?

I don't know but,

This response submitted by frank on 08/24/2002. ( )

due to the direct avoidence of the question I suspect it's something
old under a new name.The truth is that very few products are
manufactured exclusively for taxidermy.Its usually made for another
aplication and is sold to us taxidermists as a new product that we
must have or our deer or fish will look like crap.You see ,there are
alot of deception in this trade and suppliers can't deny this!I'll
stop there although i could continue. frank


This response submitted by Mark on 08/26/2002. ( knoblochs )

Hey Frank

sorry I did not give you an answer that same minute but we do have other things going on besides sitting on the computer and bashing people. This is a commercial product thats sold in large quanites, that we make ourselves. Want to buy a ton ?

0k ok apology accepted

This response submitted by frank on 08/26/2002. ( )

But you still didn,t answer the question.

Para Tan

This response submitted by mark on 08/29/2002. ( )

this is a syntan and it's non toxic. the para tan is made by Knoblochs
and is just for this industry. for smaller quanities we suggest the
para tan


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